“seems like i have over-stayed my welcome, i will be leaving tomorrow” i threatened,

“it won’t still stop me from seeing your phones” she replied,

“when last did i ask of yours?” i asked and sat up,

“i can’t remember, moreover it shows you don’t care” she answered coldly. I stared at her with a gentle smile.

“no my dear, it’s not because i don’t care, but because i trust you” i explained quietly. She rubbed her nose and looked away silently,

“how do i punish you, after checking my phone and finding nothing incriminating in it?” i asked, stood up and walked towards her.

“is it now a crime to check my boyfriend’s handset?” she asked quietly,

“my dear you requested for it in a very bad manner” i answered and held her hand.

“you want my phone, i will give it to you, but know that it pains me alot when you question or suspect my movements” i murmured and breathed deeply. She looked into my eyes, tried to say something but no word came out from her mouth.

“i can be very callous and unreasonable sometimes, but what i will never do is to cheat on you, forget about chinwe’s era you know how it started and ended, you are my very special petite, please start trusting me” i poured out humbly with plea in my eyes. She breathed deeply looked away with confusion while i calmly hugged her.

“i love your spirit, the fire in your eyes, your courage and temper, but please learn to control them or we may end up falling out in future” i drew up her tender lips and kissed her. She shook under my kiss and tightly held me.

“do you still need my phone?” i asked,

“no just make love to me, and swear as you do it that you never will make love with another woman in your life, i want it raw” she murmured in a hot whisper,

“baby do you believe in superstition?” i asked seriously,

“not really but just swear anyway, let’s make use of this cold weather” she murmured like a sex starved female soldier.

I carried her to my bed, quickly undressed her while she laid motionless and stared at me,

“you know we are one, mum told me we were destined to be together right from our birth, promise me you won’t keep anything from me ever again” she begged,

“i promise my love, you are very beautiful” i murmured and kissed her.

“thank God” i breathed happily as i fondled her b.osoms, even though i knew it was just a matter of time before i finally get caught unless i retrace my steps.

Losing Adaora surely will be a huge blow to me and my family, but one thing about Elinor and Tessy’s type is that they are just like plasmodium {malaria parasite}, no amount of drugs can flush them all out, once they have gotten into a person’s system, unless perhaps i leave the environment which i really wasn’t ready to do yet….

Survival is a game with chance…

To be continued shortly……

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