“answer me nah” i softly pleaded, but my plea seemed only to provoke her, making her turn and back me. I rested my lips on her neck while my right hand gently rubbed her right shoulder.

“i know all you care about is just the sex, after which you will go back to your chosen wife” she muttered quietly, while i kept quiet as i thought over the most appropriate word to use in replying her.

“is that what you think?” i asked. She kept quiet and pretended as if she didn’t hear my question.

“you can’t just conclude when you very well know that i’m engaged to no one” i heard myself say.

“leave me alone jor, do you think i’m stupid?” she asked. I kissed her ear and slowly reached for her bosoms {with my right hand}. I softly squeezed them one after the other, she surprisingly kept quiet and allowed me to have my way.

I breathed hot air into her ear as my excitement rose again, while she laid still as i continued caressing and fondling her.

Fifteen minutes later, i reached for my wallet, brought out and wore another rubber, penetrated her {side-ways} from behind, and strongly held her aroused right b---m like a bicycle handle for support.

“dog” she cursed,

“mmmhhh” i surprisingly answered,

“abeg don’t wound me” she muttered with a cold tone. I said nothing but just continued with my slamming, which really produced a kind of funny sound as our {lower} sex organs brushed each other to and fro…..

However i truly didn’t enjoy the second round because she just laid very still as if she was sleeping and when i finally poured{came} minutes later, i just stared speechlessly at her with pity and remorse.

“can that really be called love making? Or was it truly satisfying or worth it?” i asked myself with a guilty mind. Surely chinwe needed much more than sex and care from me, but that was all i could offer that moment. Moreover, allowing her to move on with her life just like a gentleman really was very hard to me because i so badly still wanted her.

“Hope you are done?” she asked as i pulled out from her body. I said nothing, entered her toilet/bathroom freshened and dressed up before facing her again.

She just sat on her bed and silently stared at me as i dressed up, which truly made me very uncomfortable.

Without another word, i reached for my wallet, brought out five thousand naira and dropped it on her reading table,

“i have to get going dear, i’ll call you when i get home” i said to her with a smile, but it only infuriated her more and her eyes sparkled like two high tension cables that came in contact with each other,

“do you think i’m a beggar or prostitute?, please take your money and disappear from here, i don’t need your help again, this will be the last insult i’ll ever recieve from you” she barked like an angry pregnant woman, which left me extremely surprised.

“where did i go wrong again?” i asked myself and wondered….

To be continued…
“Betrayal” part 2 starts shortly…

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