3 Days later

She slowly glided up my body, the softness of her b.osoms teased my chest and brushed my mouth with a kiss as artless and bewitching as a virgin’s. I opened my eyes dreamily and groaned with delight.

“good morning dear” Adaora greeted with a naughty smile, while her eyes sparkled like polished gemstones. I smiled happily.

“how was your night?” she asked,

“hectic” i murmured and winked at her. My mind flashed back to the hot se.x we had before falling asleep.

“oh what an energy sapping se.x” it was.

“it’s time to finish what you started last night” she murmured, smirked and bent over. Licking and sucking my nipp.les.

She calmly kissed a hot trail down my abdomen, dallying at my navel and sequentially prodding the blankets away until my jo.ystick surged up to greet her waiting lips. She was exhaustingly adept as she utilized her tongue and teeth in myriad ways that incited me to recklessness.

“oh Adaora” i groaned.

I planned on travelling home that fateful day, but her plea the previous night made me change my mind,

“baby 26th is still very far, stay with me till wednesday at least” she begged, while i smiled and accepted.

I really spent the last two days atoning for my sins and redeeming my prestige. A step which i took in order to win back not only her soul, but her happiness, trust and our future. I still left my phones firmly locked up in my bag where i tucked them before our last {near} fight. I shut myself away from unnecessary pleasures and dedicated all my time satisfying and pleasing her. An effort which unregretably cost me a lot but yielded much more in profit.

But no matter all these, i still couldn’t get my mind off Tessy and Elinor and it just looked as if i returned that wednesday ‘i last associated with them’ with something which i only could describe as their shadows, following and haunting my mind. I felt a little bit of guilt each time i remembered them.

However just to satisfy my conscience, i broke my resolve and decided to call Elinor on phone later that saturday. But it really wasn’t just an ordinary phone call, but a phone call which i intended to use and explain my stand one more time to her. A step which i made up my mind to take even though it really wasn’t justifyable when looking at it from a certain perspective.

Yes I did call her,

So many mistakes i made back then,

I don’t think you can guess what happened after i made that one phone call.


To be continued….
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