“hey Val what’s up with you? Did you purposely switch off your phone or what?” Elinor asked curiously, when i called her later in the evening, after thinking over my business with her hundred times over.

“my phone got spoilt on wednesday, i just repaired it minutes ago” i answered.

“oh no wonder, Tessy was really very worried, thinking she scared you away” she said with delight, “i will inform her right away” she added joyfully.

“no i don’t think it’s necessary,” i muttered,

“what? Why?” she asked with a slightly raised tone,

“you see, i will be going back to Owerri tomorrow. I really have thought over your proposal numerous times over. I don’t think i can go on with it” i poured out calmly. She kept quiet for a while before i heard her clear her throat.

“Val i understand, but it’s not in my hand any longer, you really swept my dear friend Tessy off her feet the day she laid her eyes on you, even though she complained you didn’t spend much time with her” she said slowly as if she was carefully selecting her words,

“she will get back to you in a minute, let me notify her” she concluded,

“all right then” i murmured and ended the phone call.

Tessy called minutes later, as i was peeing in the toilet. I rushed up with it before answering her phone call with a pounding heart.

“you really got me worried hope you know?” she asked as soon as i answered my phone,

“i’m very sorry, my phone got spoilt” i explained,

“yep Elinor told me, she equally said you are leaving Abuja tomorrow?” she asked,

“yep” i answered a bit coldly,

“hmmm you are very obnoxious, hope you know?” she murmured. I raised my eyebrows and said nothing.

“at least you owe me an apology” she added with a sad tone. I swallowed hard and apologized polietly.

“let’s meet one more time before you travel, i think you owe me that as well, and i don’t think it will do a mummy’s boy like you any harm” she requested jokingly. I kept quiet for a while and thought over her request.

“surely meeting her one more time won’t do me any harm” i reasoned and glanced at my watch.

“i’m currently inside ***** restaurant, located at ******, just opposite my house, please be there in the next 30minutes please” she ordered with a pleading tone.

“alright ma, just pray traffic dosen’t hold me on the way, besides i don’t know that area very well” i replied,

“hire a neat, fast cab, i will pay dear” she murmured. I shrugged ended the call, dressed up and walked into Adaora’s room, where she was sleeping peacefully.

“my love i’m coming, let me buy suya across the street and also see a friend who just came into town” i explained and kissed her. She sluggishly opened her eyes, smiled and slept off again. I quietly left the house without another word.
40 minutes later

A taxi dropped me in front of the fastfood joint Tessy invited me. I paid the driver, looked around, breathed deeply and walked into the half empty restaurant.

I easily spotted her in the midst of two little children. I quietly walked up to her with a calm smile. she smiled and hugged me happily {when i got to their table}.

“Meet my kids, Val” , “sweethearts meet Uncle Val” she introduced happily.

Her children stared at me innocently before greeting,

“good afternoon uncle” they chorused innocently.

I swallowed hard and blushed, instantly feeling a sick sensation down in my stomach.

“why bring your kids?” i wondered as i stared at her inquisitively.

To be continued….

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