“I married at a very young age when my mates were still doing campus love. I was in 300 level when i got married to an older man i barely knew. A marriage hastily arranged for me by my family, due to financial reasons. I never objected because as the first daughter, i knew it was my place to open the way for my ‘poor family’. At first things went fine and i tried my best to love him, but as time went on, we became very distant from each other, which led to many fights and abuses. He always accused me of cheating on him, even though he was the one guilty of such crime”. She stopped, breathed deeply and looked down sadly. I instantly felt for her.

“It really was a miracle that i was able to give birth to my second child, because i was sent home with the pregnancy after a bitter fight. My elder brother went to talk things over with him, but ended up fighting him, which virtually sealed our separation. He didn’t even care about my pregnancy but went ahead to get a divorce upon my parents pleadings. Our marriage lasted only four years. But i’m glad i left it with my head intact, though the only good things i got from it are my two cute children and the decent sum i was settled with after the divorce which really helped me build up myself. With my ‘marketing degree’, I gently built up my career under a short time” she poured out slowly, while i consumed all she told me without doubting her words.

“but does he visit at least to see his kids?” i asked curiously,

“no you know Anambra men do have stone heart. He remarried two years ago and travelled out of the country with his new wife” she answered quietly, while I played back the whole scenerio in my head.

“I really can’t say if his presence in my life was a blessing in disguise or punishnment for being greedy, but i can’t deny that he raised me to an enviable status. Most of my coursemates are still struggling with their certificates, running up and down looking for employment, but here i’m living large, even though i now detest older men with venom after what i passed through” she concluded. I breathed deeply and shrugged.

“you are a very brave woman” i murmured sincerely. She smiled, brought her face closer to mine and peered into my eyes,

“tell me the truth, is that all you think about me?” she asked inquisitively,

“oh Tessy i’m really inexperienced with things of the world, i know not what else to say other than i admire your courage and prestige” i replied carefully,

“so how about you change all your plans” she asked quietly. I stared back at her and breathed deeply.

“how can i handle this tempting cup of treasure without betraying Adaora?” i wondered and swallowed hard.

She really succeeded in gaining my pity with her brainwashing story, which i couldn’t even verify, but will she succeed in claiming my body and probably my heart??…..


To be continued..

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