“I have to get going” i murmured uneasily, expertly avoiding her question. She held my hand strongly and smiled,

“why the rush?, is your wife waiting at home?” she joked, while i blushed,

“it’s getting late, and i hate roaming the streets at night” i replied,

“but there is still time nau” she said and glanced at her watch,

“i know but sometimes late evening traffic jam could make one get home very late” I complained. she smiled and touched my left cheek,

“don’t worry i will drop you home” she offered, but instead of thanking her happily like she expected, i shook my head nervously and shifted uncomfortably on the couch as if something bit me,

“no no no, don’t bother” i murmured with a coloured face which made her look at me suspiciously,

“you don’t like being with me and you won’t like people to see us together right?” she asked a bit coldly. I swallowed hard and looked into her eyes. I saw sadness, embarrassment and dejection in them. I breathed deeply drew closer and held her.

“please forgive my behaviour dear. You are a very beautiful rich lady, every young guy will love to have, i can never be embarrassed being with you” i murmured polietly.

She looked around as if she suspected someone was listening, stood up, smiled and dragged me to my feet,

“let’s finish the discussion at the second sitting room, i don’t trust this girl with me” she explained. I smiled and followed her to a small room which was furnished like a sitting room even though the space was smaller than my bedroom.

She locked the door, stared into my eyes, breathed deeply, drew nearer and kissed me hotly. My head exploded,

“surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life” my mind recited while my eyes rolled. I never have experienced such unexpected hot matured kiss before.

“oh dear you can’t imagine the last time i kissed a guy, and how long i have been yearning to do this” she murmured passionately with both hands on my cheeks. The fire in her eyes burned like the flame of hell.

“hope i ain’t going to hell tonight” i wondered as my manhood instantly nodded,

“don’t tell me you ain’t feeling anything'” she asked and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her fully matured boss.oms tightly held back by a pink bra.

“DAM.N” i cursed inwardly…

To be continued Tonight….
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