“baby calm down” i pleaded as i struggled to free myself from her grasp.

“you called me baby, how wonderful it feels” she murmured with passion in her eyes. The temptation and seduction really was too much to resist, but i equally was wise enough to realise the dangers involved which for one was that i might not be going home that evening if i should continue with the love play.

“baby let’s leave this for another day please” i begged solemnly,

“noooooo are you not travelling tomorrow?” she asked anxiously,

“no” i murmured after a brief silence, “i lied when i said i was travelling” i answered hoarsely.

“hope you arn’t decieving me?” she asked curiously with shinning eyes,

“i swear i’m not” i murmured with a smile.

“please don’t leave me bereft of release{unsatisfied}” she begged passionately. I swallowed hard and looked away.

“i shouldn’t have kissed her in the first place, now how am i going to leave her teetering{hanging} on the precipice of some wondrous discovery” i asked myself and scratched my head.

Time really wasn’t on my side and was ticking fast as usual. I knew Adaora must have started getting worried and suspicious at home. I instantly reached inside my trouser pocket, grabbed my phone and changed the ‘profile to silent’.

“stay here with me dear” she uttered with a choked voice and writhed, desperate to wrap her legs around me.

Besieged by thick, throbbing waves of pleasure, she reached up and brought my face down towards hers.

I grazed her lips with mine in a tantalizing caress just short of a kiss. She cried out as ecstasy pulsed through her in an indescribable surge.

“nawao” i murmured to myself, broke free from her, jumped out of the sofa and stopped beside the closed door.

Never before had any woman, plain or comely, so cut my heart so easily and quick. I feared her bewitching surrender might cost me alot if not properly checked.

“please i can’t be your phantom lover, i have a conscience, we can discuss over the phone when i get home, i ain’t travelling tomorrow, so don’t feel bad please” i pleaded without thinking.

“you just stole a very precious splinter of my soul” she shrugged, murmured, breathed deeply and slowly dressed up, when she realised i wasn’t ready to yield to her.

“allow me to take you home” she offered again with a calm smile.

“no thanks i’m okay, don’t bother” i replied. She smiled, reached for her purse, opened it, counted out five thousand Naira and offered me.

“for you t.fare and for the cab you chartered when coming” she explained and advanced towards me,

“don’t bother about that either” i murmured polietly, left the room and waited for her in the big sitting room.

“i will call you in an hour, do take care” she said sweetly, with a business like tone as if nothing happened between us. I smiled, nodded polietly and left.

How to get away from Adaora’s prying and inquisitive behaviour occupied my mind and embedded the fear of God in me as i took a cab home that evening. My clothes were in a mess and reeked of Tessy’s perfume.

I really was at lost on how to explain myself, because i already had exhausted my pot of lies.

To be continued…

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