I stopped at a small junction, bought three hundred naira worth of suya and walked home with guilt in my mind.

I rang the door bell with fear and uncertainty, “lord help me” i prayed. Adaora answered the door seconds later, stared at me for a while before smiling as she took the suya i bought.

“waka waka boy where went you?” she asked casually, before walking towards the kitchen,

“baby i ended up attending a party can you imagine” i lied with impulse,

“good for you, hope you enjoyed it?” she asked,

“hmmm enjoy wetin? I never planned to attend any party nau, i thought the id.i-t boy just wanted to see me without knowing he planned on dragging me to a boring birthday party, it’s not even as if he is my friend ooo, just a course mate” i lied fluently.

“hehehehe” she laughed and entered the kitchen. I instantly rushed to my room and changed my clothes,
“thank God she didn’t hug me” i murmured to myself.


“dear i don’t think i can come over your place tomorrow, i have lots of things to do” i replied over the phone to Tessy, who called immediately i settled down in my room for night sleep,

“c’mon you can’t do this to me remember you promised” she pleaded,

“i can’t survive two days without seeing you, moreover you left everything uncompleted, baby you can’t tell me you didn’t feel the passion that ignited between us today” she urged. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Truly i felt something special when i nearly had sex with her, but that clearly was the kind of trap i was trying to avoid,

“i’ll be travelling on monday, so i have to attend church tomorrow and atone for my sins” i explained.

“i can’t stop saying how obnoxious you are, it isn’t fair toying with my feelings this way, i’m also human and deserved to be shown respect and affection” she poured out angrily,

“don’t go there dear, i’m just trying to be careful, by september 1st i will be back in Abuja, if you are still available by then, i will gladly be your ship while you play the captain.” i offered sweetly,

“you tuned all my hormones, left me high, ran away and now saying rubbish, don’t worry it’s okay, i don’t blame you thanks” she poured out unhappily and ended the phone call rudely. I swallowed hard with great remorse.

I had a very terrible urge to call, apologize and fix a new date with her that moment, but luckily Adaora walked into the room and laid beside me.

“i find it hard to sleep in my room” she murmured and rested her head on my chest,

“who were you talking with?” she asked,

“my girlfriend” i answered with a grin and kissed her hair,

“good for you, because my puccy no longer needs you” she joked. I smiled, slowly reached down and touched the hidden, intimate bud of her womanhood. She stiffened, wet and willing.

I kissed her hair again and held her tightly,

“good night my love, tomorrow is sunday” i murmured,

“when did you start being religious?” she asked, kissed me and rested her head back on my chest. I ignored her question and gently caressed her until she fell asleep.

“surely my life will be successful and full of happiness, with Adaora by my side, what else can i wish for” i wondered.

Yet all night long, i laid awake and thought only of Tessy and how unhappy she might be. I knew she{Tessy} equally won’t be able to sleep that fateful night, because even though we never had sex, the vicious romance we had in her house, left a terrible impact on us.

To be continued….

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