Wednesday slowly came around. The day i planned on travelling back to owerri, {in order to prepare and make arrangements for my ‘nysc’}. I definetly had a wonderful time in Abuja and wasn’t too pleased to leave, but we all know that every holiday has an end, so i had no choice than to pack my bags.

On this fair day, i woke up around 5AM with a pain that stirred the depths of my heart as a fierce boisterous wind stirs the ripples upon a placid lake. Adaora’s mood was no better.

Her beautiful noble face lost all its pride, defiance and brightness. The play of her lips was tremulous, sensitive and gentle; the light in her dark eyes was of love and kindness. Our time together had added to her loveliness. The grand statuesque figure, the graceful attitudes and the indefinite grace were now more apparent than ever.

“dear the day has come expectedly at last” i murmured and held her waist. The colour and light died out of her beautiful face, her lips quivered and her bright eyes grew dim with unshed tears.

“it’s hard, i know but don’t betray me over there my love” she begged,

“c’mon is that all you worry about? Offcourse i won’t” i replied and caressed her face. She breathed deeply, got up and left the room in order to prepare breakfast for me.

6:30AM we arrived I.T.C park together, where we bade each other farewell for the last time. I never can forget the deep agony of that painful parting, how i stood before her pale, worn and sad. Impressing, urging most forcibly upon her to take care of herself,

“it’s just few weeks before we see each other again” i murmured with a forced smile. She nodded and hugged me,

“it’s true dear and i also can’t wait for all these hinderances to be over, i’m tired of them” she replied passionately.

was there anything seen like the sorrow and love we felt that moment???? I very much doubt.

6:48AM The I.T.C bus i boarded zoomed off, heading straight to Owerri. Bright fancies thronged my mind as the bus sped from one town to another. I thought of the time when Adaora would be my wife and empress, the wealth which will come with her and how happy my family would be. No mercenary delight had ever made my heart thrill so much. It was not the prospect of getting richer that delighted me, but something much more grand, noble and ambitious, which i still bear secretly till this day.

But will i ever be free from scandals? i wondered and shook my head. It really was the only thing which could ever stop me from marrying Adaora.

The weather changed as the bus got to Onitsha, so was my mood and heart. With a naughty smile i brought out my second phone {which i cleverly switched off and hid before arriving Adaora’s house weeks ago}, switched it on and scoffed when Olivia’s text messages appeared instantly. They were seven in number.

will i ever change??
I guess only time will tell.

To be continued

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