“you are very heartless, self centered and egocentric, i really don’t know why i’m even here” Olivia angrily said to me on thursday morning, when she showed up at my cousin’s house.

I managed to speak with her over the phone on wednesday night when i got into Owerri.
She sounded very cold and distant on phone that evening, and i really expected her to insult me, just like the last three out of seven text messages she left when i travelled. She however didn’t insult me and even surprised me further by showing up at my cousin’s house the next day which was thursday.

“i’m sorry about everything, i really have no better explanation on what truly happened. Moreover you won’t believe me if i try to explain anyway” i apologized again and stared at her.

“i really don’t care, i have already moved on with my life” she replied carelessly. I smiled, shrugged and sat on my bed,

“really? That’s good to hear” i said casually without interest. She instantly stared at me with disbelief in her eyes,

“you really did the right thing my dear, i’ll soon be going to camp, and from there i will be seeking a new path to life, starting all over again as a guy, hustling and fighting for survival, Making you the last thing in my mind” i explained like a maths teacher teaching algebra to a bunch of i.diots.

“you are very weird and unpredictable, what’s even wrong with you” she asked.

“baby i want to go out and buy some things at the market are you coming with me or not?” i avoided her question, asked and yawned.

“sure, are we going now?” she answered and asked.

“yep” i murmured, stood up, wore my shoes and together we left the house.

I ended up buying a jean trouser and a blue top for her after buying the things i needed for my nysc camping. She really was delighted and never failed to show how happy she was.

However i wasn’t a fool not to notice that she sticked to me because of what she hoped to gain from the relationship. The numerous phone calls she answered in my presence and the way she carried herself that fateful day all seemed different than she used to. perhaps she hid her real behaviour when we met initially, but changed her mind when my behaviour became weird as she termed it..

I really wished to see Chinwe that weekend, but i wasn’t able to summon the courage nor morale to face her, so i endured my wish and faced my fate squarely. For the first time i stayed days without thinking of cheating on Adaora nor thought of any stupid escapade. I never slept with Olivia throughout the few days i stayed in owerri before travelling to Enugu to spend some days with my mum.

Tessy surprisingly didn’t delete my phone number from her phone nor the memory of what we nearly had from her mind, instead she intensified her disturbance and desperately tried to win my heart and sympathy. She kept sending me recharge cards almost every other day, which i really couldn’t reject and invested them in loading up data bundles in my phone which i used in roaming the internet with great abandon. {That was equally the period i registered on Nairaland}.

She really was very good, caring and in love with me. She succeeded in stamping her image very strongly in my heart, and I equally made up my mind to repay her kind gestures one way or the other. Apart from my family and Adaora, she really was the next person very dear and special to me.

*End of Season2b *moments before nysc*
*life as a corper, The Diary of An Imostar Season2b* comes up Next…..

The Diary of An Imostar Season2b…..

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