I sat beside her again and stared at her for a while in silence,

“nne stop all these nah” i pleaded as i touched her shoulder,

“just go jor” she muttered quietly,

“i’m not going anywhere again” i replied and relaxed beside her, took out my phone from my pocket and began playing football game with it.

“are you not going again?” she finally asked thirty minutes later,

“no i’m not” i replied with all my attention still on the football game i was playing,

“you made me miss today’s lectures” she complained,

“sorry” i apologized with a smile. She snatched my handset from my hand which made me look at her with surprise,

“you have to start going in order to reach home on time” she added quietly, while I shrugged and smiled,

“don’t worry Enugu isn’t far” i replied but she shook her head and stood up,

“bia come and start going jor” she insisted,

“i won’t be going back to Enugu today, i intend spending the night at my cousin’s house” i finally explained,

“hmmmm but it could have been better for you to rush home and talk things over with your mum” she tried to advice me,

“what’s there to talk eeh? I already know mum won’t allow me to embark on such journey” i replied while she shrugged,

“okay ooo oga i don hear” she replied, carried her mirror and backed me again.

“lets go together to chinedu’s place” i offered as i stared at her moments later,

“why?” she asked,

“i just need more of your company, i will bring you back here later” i explained, but she only just kept quiet in hesitation,

“c’mon dear, i promise i won’t be s.illy” i added as i tickled her ribs, which made her smile.

Thirty minutes later we headed to world bank, where a happy Benita welcomed us, but then chinwe and i were extremely surprised with the sight that greeted us.

Benita’s stomach was a bit swollen like a pregnant woman which really left me speechless because it appeared like at last she has been able to cage my randy cousin with a very common but popular trick.

Chinwe gave me a knowing look which i equally returned with a smile as we sat down in the sitting room.

“hmmmm today is really getting more interesting” i reasoned as i wondered how Benita was finally able to achieve that feat and what exactly happened to Amara the young girl my cousin was very much obssessed with….

To be continued…
Betrayal 2 comes next.
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