I reluctantly dropped Chinwe at her lodge an hour later, because she begged and insisted,

“do take care dear” i said sweetly as i handed her the five thousand naira she earlier rejected. She flashed a sweet quick smile at me before dividing the money,

“i will only take 3k, buy fuel with the rest” she muttered sweetly before climbing out from my car.

“oh gracious me!” i exclaimed.

“Chinwe definetly is filled with lots of surprises, and a wife material” i reasoned before driving away.

I headed back to my cousin’s house without wasting any time, but before i could pull into the drive way, i spotted Amara with an attractive looking well endowed girl, standing across the street.

I slowed down and stopped beside them without knowing why. Perhaps i stopped because i was captivated and drawn by the other girl’s charm or maybe i stopped because i wanted to have a little chat with Amara.

“hmmmm longest time” Amara greeted and hugged me as soon as i alighted from my car, greatly surprising me because we weren’t really tight friends. Even though we have talked and gisted before.

Anyway the manner in which she greeted me emboldened and boasted my morale, making me smile with a changed plan in my mind. I equally threw casual glances at her friend who pretended not to notice my charms, but truthfully i salivated when i closely saw her well curved anatomy.

The feelings i had that moment were that of huge lust, desire and want because the pretty girl was looking so fresh and edible.

“da.m.n” i breathed and swallowed hard.

Truly nothing turns a guy so much than a ripe or well packaged food, and all i wanted that moment was just to grab a bite, disappear and make room for the next available man. With a smile on my face i slided my right hand into my right trouser pocket, felt the 2k chinwe gave back to me and muttered some silent greetings to her.

“how have you been doing?” i managed to ask Amara with a smile,

“i’m fine sha and i see you aint looking bad, we are looking for who will take us out, and since you are here, i know you won’t disappoint me” she said sweetly like a runz girl.

“hmmmm how can i disappoint you kwanu?” i asked with a smile.

“wow really, olivia did you hear him?, ngwanu open your door jare let’s start going” she said and jumped sweetly as if she has never been taken out before.

I smiled in my mind as i opened my car doors for them. I knew in her mind she probably thought she has gotten another mugu without knowing i purposely accepted to take them out for a reason.

Her smiles and happiness that evening really looked very sincere, but i wasn’t decieved because i knew where i was, the “Eastern Heartland and headquarters of deceptive and eagle eyed girls”. She might even be cursing or laughing at me in her mind that very moment, even though she really was very worthless to me because my cousin already has tasted her…

Without any well constructed plan in my mind, i reversed my car and headed straight back into town….

To be continued……

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