Seductively beautiful singer, Adokiye Kyrian who has just released the video of her single
‘Back Up’ never steered too far away from the news not because she loves reading about herself
in the papers but because she is very opinionated and could not turn her back on things she considers disgusting to her
person and principles as a person.

The 23-year old singer has said she is not happy with the way
the ‘Limpopo’ crooner, Kcee has been making a mess of his wife
in the pages of newspapers and on social media. “
Only in Nigeria a guy will marry and when he makes money he
turns his wife into a slave. Look at Kcee, the musician. He is lucky he is not married to someone
like me, I would have called on the gods of my village to strike
him down for me,” She began.
“ Some guys in Nigeria are so
irresponsible and it drives me insane and sometimes I wonder
if ever I would want anything with a Nigerian guy. I am too
scared of what our generation has become.
When I say turning his wife into a slave, I mean by denying her
publicly. It is something too
wrong for a responsible man to
do. I fear if these young men are truly the people that would
become leaders of tomorrow.
People who deny their families?”
She queried

I hope she isn’t indirectly trying Kcee’s attention. Lol 🙂

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