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“let’s wait till monday, before drawing conclusions” i muttered with a fast beating heart,

“till monday? My God nooooo, do you want to kill me? It’s three weeks late already, Ekene i warned and pleaded with you not to do it but you insisted and had your way, now see the dilemna you are putting me through” she poured out sorrowfully with tears in her eyes. I equally felt like crying that moment but i had no choice than to play a manly part of consoling her.

My future, ambition and dream all are now at stake just because i did what all my friends are doing. Had i known it will come with this grief and bad taste i wouldn’t have tried it.

“oh God please save me this once, i will never fall into such temptation again” i prayed quietly.

“Ekene i can’t wait till monday it’s too far, but i can wait till saturday and if it fails to show up i will notify you, please pray for me” she muttered, hugged me and left without looking back.

I spent most part of thursday and friday with my thoughts which kept me company as i searched for the solution to my problem. My friends equally weren’t helpful when i contacted them for advise, some joked about it, while some recommended herbs for her menstruation, which i refused to accept, because of the crude nature of herbs. Coolval equally wasn’t quiet helpful upon all the numerous escapades he claims to be in his diary,

“first take her for a pregnancy test, and allow me share your story perhaps you may get better advice from my blog” was all the help i got from him. Well i accepted even though taking her to a lab test really isn’t going to be easy. We only have one medical lab in my clan and taking her to the city surely will be noticed and might draw suspicion if she even accepts to go with me.

Early this morning {saturday}. she woke me from sleep with her phone call,

“it still hasn’t come out” she muttered, leaving me in a terrible state of despair,

“Ekene i’m pregnant, there is no doubt about it, please whatever you have to do, let’s do it today” she added, while Lots of questions immediately flashed into my mind,

“how do we keep this baby if she’s truly pregnant” “how do we carry out the abortion, if she has the mind to go on with it”, “what will happen to us if her pregnancy is discovered”, “where do i run to, if she wants to have the baby” i wondered miserably,

“let’s meet by 12noon at the usual place don’t keep me waiting please” she pleaded and ended the phone call.

“How do i go about this?” so so miserably and hopeless. My future is surely very bleak….

To be continued….

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