”kate, i hope you are aware of the fact that you and i can
only be friends and nothing more?’ the
question kept repeating in her head as she silently walked home.

”how did i become like this?’ she wondered.
”how did i become this miserable?’
”when will i realise
that what i feel for james isn’t love because love doesn’t
hurt like this. It can’t hurt like this” she lamented to herself.
Well aware of the fact that it was only a matter of minutes before she loses her self control, she sluggishly walked towards a red car and sat on its bonnet.
Tears slowly dropped from her eyes. She tried as much as possible to stop it
from dropping but it was of no use. She simply let i drop freely.

With the tears came memories, bitter sweet memories.
‘James and kate went to the same secondary school. She remembered her first day of school. She was
so shy and couldn’t
communicate with anyone, but James came along, walked into her life and showed her care.
He was the first person to talk to her that very day and thanks to him; she wasn’t miserable on her first day in
school. Not only that, he was always there for her. He was simply her special angel, her bestfriend and everything. Gradually, she started falling in love with him.

”i wish i had stopped there’ ”if i had stopped there , i wouldn’t have ended up hurting like this’ she said to herself amidst tears. ————————————- ‘kate’ she sudddenly heard a guy call, making her conscious of her environment.

”kate, its really you” he said, as he slowly pulled her forward, hugging her. Shocked, she pushed him away.

”who are you?” she asked nervously,

”it’s me chika” he replied with a smile,

”chika who? I don’t know any chika” ‘please, excuse me’ she said hissing as she walked away from him.

”are you ok?” he asked,

”meaning what” she turned back, facing him.

”have you been crying?” he asked with concern, What——‘ ‘is it your business? Rubbish” she barked, eyeing him.

”why don’t you get into my car so that i can drop you off’ she heard him say.

”go get a prostitute. bloody fool” she replied angrily, walking away with a heavy heart.

To be continued.
Author>> Aisha800

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