”good morning” she heard someone behind her greet as she was about shutting the door
leading to the compound she lived. Turning towards the voice, she instantly saw that it was no other person than chika. The guy who disturbed her peace the previous day.

‘how did you get here?’she asked coldly,

‘i followed you yesterday’ he answered, smiling.

‘are you trying to say you slept here’ she curiously asked,

‘nah, i went home and came here early today just to take you to
your workplace’ he replied, winking at her.

‘am not intrested, excuse me’ she hissed and walked past him.
Realising that she wasn’t going to accept his offer, he suddenly yelled
‘i will follow you’

‘keep following, see if i care’. She murmured,
thinking he was joking, but before she could get to the bus stop, he blocked her with his car.

‘you seriously followed me eeh?’ she asked with a sneer,

‘i told you i would’
‘sorry for upsetting you yesterday’
‘so please, will you let me give you a ride, please please” he begged,

‘but do you actually know me?’ she heard herself ask with curiousity.

‘yes,i do’ he nodded,

‘how?’ she asked,

‘we went to the same university, ‘Ambrose Ali university edo state. We also studied the same course’ he explained.

‘hmm, i never knew oo’ she murmured, shaking her head,

‘i know’ he said sadly, breathing deeply before opening the passenger’s door for her. She calmly entered the car without another word, before he slowly drove off.

‘oh, take the left turn’ she said giving him the direction to her workplace.
‘you can stop here, i work inside that building’ she said, pointing to the second floor of a massive building as she stepped out of the car without turning back.
He simply stared at her, thinking deeply. She hasn’t changed one bit, she was still the girl he knew back in the university.

“He has always been in love with kate but never approached her. He never had the courage to do so, because he knew she was in love with a guy named James. But seeing her after such a long time brought back his romantic feelings..

“That moment when you see the one person you love who never noticed you after a long time and suddenly realise that you have never gotten over the love.You realise that all you have been able to do was decieve yourself.

Yet he couldn’t shake off his feelings. He abruptly made up his mind to win her heart. He so desperately wanted her.

To be continued.

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