‘i can’t just believe myself nor my eyes’ chika murmured unhappily as he entered his house.
“Poor girl” he hissed, shaking his head. It was obvious to him that kate was still in love with James.

Yea She has always been in love with the idio.tic boy and that really was the major
reason she never noticed him and many other admirers. what amazed him was James behaviour. He kept behaving as if he never noticed the girl’s feelings. Is he just playing stupid or what?” he wondered cluelessly, equally remembering the way the silly boy had looked at him minutes earlier. He saw signs of jealousy in his eyes, and the way he grabbed kate’s hand, was as if he was trying to tell him that
she belonged to him. What actually is going on?? could James
be having an affair with kate” he wondered as he walked slowly
into his room. He didn’t know what to believe any longer, he had secretly watched them for such a long time, yet the more he watched, the less he saw.

” oh how can i stop loving this girl” he lamented.
In James car

‘are you sure you are going to be okay all by yourself?’ James asked sweetly as he drove.

‘yes i’m sure.’ kate replied, blushing,

‘okay, by the way who is that chika, he kind of looks familiar?’ he asked curiously,

‘someone i recently met though, he said we went to the same
university’ she replied.

‘and you believe him?’ he asked,

‘he knows the name of the university we attended’ she murmured,

‘anyone can easily
get that info.’ he breathed with a shrug.

‘yea i know, but he seems like a nice guy’ she tried to defend,

‘because he has a handsome face huh’, those handsome guys are the worst oo’ he joked seriously,

‘including you’ she cut in with a smile,

‘of course i am an exception’ he laughed.

‘chika could also be an exception’ she added provocatively,

‘are you trying to upset me because of yesterday?’ he suddenly asked as his
mind quickly drifted to the event that occured the previous day.
——————————————————————————————– he overheard Juliana quarrelling with kate because she refused to admit that she was in love with him. Their argument really touched him, forcing him to invite Kate to his office and set things right.
As soon as Kate answered his call, he went straight to the point.

“i couldn’t help but listen to the conversation you were having with Juliana, i do hope you are aware of the fact that you and i can only be friends and nothing more’. He said like a gentleman..
She however made no attempt to talk which left him with no choice than to give her a little push by asking.

‘kate do you honestly love me?’, he heard himself ask, but was surprised to notice the sign of shock and confusion that washed over the girl’s face. She stared at him for some seconds before finally dropping the bombshell

‘ yes i do’

To be continued.

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