Minutes later at Kate’s office

”kate are you still upset with me?’
Juliana asked as she drew close to Kate in the wash room.

”shouldn’t i be huh?” Kate fired back with an angry stare,

”am sorry but you can’t continue living like this” Juliana murmured, trying desperately to advice her friend.

”you have no right whatsoever to advise me on how to live my life, it’s my life and i can do whatever i want to do with it” kate yelled.

”calm down my friend, or do you want this building to collapse?”
‘i am your bestfriend and you have to listen to me” Juliana pleaded.

”no, you are not” she murmured, shaking her head,

‘am not?, ‘ Who then, James huh?” Juliana
asked jokingly, shrugging at the same time.

‘yes, James is my bestfriend and
not you” she answered like a spoilt like girl, while Juliana clapped with disbelief.

”oh my God! When will you realise that this love of yours is doing you no good chie” Juliana screamed,

”l love James only as a friend, nothing more’ kate murmured, backing her friend.

”keep deceiving yourself’ Juliana sighed,

”i don’t care what you think’ she murmured and walked towards the door.

“your James is back with Mary. They came
to the office together, holding hands like a pair of love birds” Juliana opened up quietly, but that was all kate needed to hear. She froze, bursting into tears like a baby.

”tissue” Juliana offered, dutifully helping her out with a tissue,

‘thanks’ said kate as she used the tissue to wipe out her annoying tears.

‘seriously, you need to stop this’ Juliana advised once again. Kate sniffed, shaking her head.

‘I have tried to stop my feelings but it
never worked’ she revealed miserably, while Juliana breathed deeply.

‘well you have to continue trying
until it works’ she said as she held her hand, calmly leading her out of the office.


Outside the office, Juliana collected
kate’s phone, called James and told him that Kate was going home, because she wasn’t feeling fine.
”kate, are you done with work already’ Chika asked as he rushed towards them, equally surprising the two girls with his appearance.

‘jeez! Chika, you are still here?,’ kate screamed with surprise while he nodded yes. Juliana watched them speechlessly.

‘well meet Juliana, Juliana meet chika’ Kate politely introduced him to her friend.

‘nice to meet you’ said juliana,
‘the pleasure is all mine’ replied chika.

”kate, kate’ they all heard another voice calling Kate, turning towards the direction of the voice, there came James running to join them. Kate breathed deeply, while Juliana shook her head. On reaching where kate stood, James pulled her close and placed his hand on her head, staring into her eyes. He instantly noticed the sorrow in her eyes.

”you really need to rest, I will take you home” he offered. ‘

“don’t bother, i think Chika is here to do that’ said juliana, interrupting him. James drew back, noticing Chika for the first time and polietly offered his hands to chika who accepted it calmly.

” but you will have to excuse us my guy, i’m taking her home please’ he said authoritatively, grabbed kate’s hand and led her to his car.

Leading kate to the car, he dutifully opened the passenger’s door, while kate quickly entered without any form of resistance.

”i have to go’ chika said to juliana, hiding his anger as he tapped her shoulder before walking towards his car. Juliana shrugged, she wasn’t happy at all over the way her friend was melting for James.

Tears dropped from Mary’s eyes as she has watched the whole scene through the window in James office. Kate was a big obstacle standing between her happiness.

To be continued.

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