He really was so happy to hear those words, breathing deeply he heaved a sigh of relief.

He realised in his 3rd year at the university that he was in love with kate, which equally was part of the reason he broke
up with his then girlfriend Tolu. He planned asking Kate out after that but was scared of losing her friendship because he feared she might reject him as a lover. He finally went into another relationship with Mary thinking he could forget kate, but it never played out like he expected. He then had to break up with Mary instead of lying to himself.

So when he heard Juliana arguing with kate over him, he was inconspiciously happy, and that equally prompted him to call
her in order to see if he could make her confess her feelings and the plan almost worked until she ended everything with just ‘as a friend and nothing more’.

“perhaps i shouldn’t have told her that we could never be more than friends in the first instance. I think it prompted her to add the same line to her speech” he reasoned with regret, like a little boy.
He wasn’t able
to concentrate in work for the rest of that day, because he was deeply troubled with regret..
‘James, James, you are
going the wrong way ‘ he soon heard Kate scream, bringing him back to reality.

‘oh !sorry’ he apologized with a smile,

‘what are you thinking about?’ she asked searchingly. He smiled again, saying nothing.

hours later, James apartment

He was reading a newspaper, his mind still on Kate when his phone rang. It was no other person than Mary calling him. He quickly remembered the way he hurriedly left the office hours earlier which made him apologize as soon as he picked up the ringing phone.

‘are you now apologizing for leaving me in your office just to run after that thing that calls herself your friend huh?’ Mary angrily barked.
‘ i already apologized to you, so if you can’t accept it that’s your business’ he yelled back and ended the call. His mind instantly played back to what transpired between him and Mary the previous day.

She had visited him to plead, begging for them to fix their relationship. He was very sober and heart broken at that time, and so it was impossible to reject her plea.

‘i can be so stupid at times’ he hissed with regret ————————————- MARY’S APARTMENT ‘ ‘i can’t believe this, did he just cut the line?’ mary asked herself with tears. ‘i knew it, he really is in love with that girl, no wonder he broke up with me for no valid reason’ she rasped,
‘but he accepted me back’ she murmured, more tears dropping from her eyes as she remembered how she went to his house just plead with him. They ended up having sex in his bedroom.

“Now he is acting as if he regrets getting back with me all because of that kate,
It was obvious he wasn’t happy seeing kate with that guy she was with”. She reasoned as she wondered who the guy was.
She was aware that kate was not in any relationship. Bitting her lips, she equally remembered the way James had grabbed kate’s hand. His body language was all she needed to confirm her suspicion that he is in love with the obnoxious girl.

‘i won’t let it happen ‘ ‘James is mine and no one takes what belongs to me’ she cried deeply.

To be continued.
written by aisha800

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