Chika arrived at kate’s
house early the next day and waited for her at the gate for thirty minutes before she came out

‘good morning once
again’ he greeted happily,
‘ahhh’ she exclaimed with a smile,
‘what are you doing here?’

‘wow!’ he laughed

‘what?’ asked kate
‘you look happy to see me today’ he replied, winking at her.

‘okay, if you say so but seriously what are you doing here?’ she asked seriously,

‘what else if not to
give you a r—‘ he explained.

‘well i’m sorry, you won’t be able to give
her a ride today’ said James cutting into their conversation, surprising them with his appearance.

‘kate let’s go’ he said, grabbing her hand,

‘sorry dear i have to go with him’ she smiled to chika as she walked away with James.

‘no problem, but can i have your phone number’ asked chika

‘oh it’s—–‘ kate stopped, trying to call out her phone number, but James wasn’t buying any of it. He dragged her impatiently. ‘kate hurry up’ he yelled, ‘he won’t die if you don’t give him your number’ he added coldly,

‘ok then no problem, next time’ Chika said with a weak smile as he watched kate get
into James car. He sat on his car bonnet watching them as
they drove away.

When they were almost out of sight, he entered his car
and followed them. ‘ thank God , i know where she works’ he murmured to himself. He couldn’t believe he was behaving like a jobless creature just because of a woman.


‘why were you so rude to him?’ kate asked James who simply scoffed.

‘i wasn’t’ he lied,

‘yes , you were’ she insisted.

‘ no i was not and why are you getting upset, i just told the guy that i was taking you to work, what’s so bad about that , i usually take you to work anyway’ he tried to justify his action.

‘all i’m saying is that, you could have
been a little nice to him’ she murmured,

‘well i don’t care’ he hissed,

‘meaning?’ she asked curiously,

‘meaning i do not want to hear about that Chika, most especially not in my car, so just shut up’ he yelled. Kate immediatelly sighed with anger and looked away, facing the car window.

three minutes later

‘kate, ‘kate!, ‘kate!! are you ok?’ he asked her.
After waiting for some minutes and getting no reply he added
‘won’t you answer me?’ ‘kate seriously you won’t talk to me eeh?’

‘you asked me to shut up didn’t you?’ she asked coldly,

‘i’m sorry’ he apologized,

‘say it again?’ she demanded seriously, a calm smile on her face.

‘i’m sorry dear, i’m sorry’ he repeated again and again. She breathed deeply, rolled her eyes and stared at him.

“of course his overprotectiveness means one thing. He is in love with me” she reasoned innocently.

To be continued.
Written by Aisha

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