‘kate’s suitor is so
handsome’ said Mary, trying to start a conversation with James, who simply scoffed.

‘if he is that handsome, why not date him.’ he joked, provoking her with his comment. She quickly walked up to him, sat on his lap and laughed.

‘quit the insult my dear. Anyway that’s your wish isn’t it?’ she asked, tapping his nose.

“moreover who the hell are you talking about?, Kate hasn’t told me of any suitor, are you making things up?” he asked suspiciously, but before she could make up another lie about Chika, someone knocked at the door. Sensing that it could be Kate, she
cleverly kissed and held James strongly.

‘oh! sorry, excuse me’ Kate apologized as she walked in on them. But before she could retrieve her steps, Mary called her.

‘no problem dear, what is it that you want?’ she asked with a smile, as if the office was hers,

‘oh James need to sign
some documents’. Kate nervously replied.

‘oh is that so’ she
said, stood up from
James lap, kissed him once again and walked towards the exit.
When she got to the door, she turned and blew another kiss to him, while Kate watched on silently.

As James signed the documents, minutes later, Kate kept staring at him, her mind racing wildly.

‘why are you staring at me in that manner’ he soon asked.

‘i’m staring at the flower vase and not you’ she lied,

‘but the vase has been there for ages, moreover you bought it yourself’ he reminded her, turning with a smile.
‘kate how many times do i have to tell you that you can’t lie
to me?, what are you thinking, tell me dear?” he asked, holding her softly. She shook under his touch, feeling something so powerful and strong’

‘nothing’ she shivered and blushed, while he drew closer as if he wanted to kiss her, tuning up her passion with that singular movement.

But suddenly she got hold of herself, quickly picked up
the documents and hurriedly ran out of his office.————————————
To be continued shortly.

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