A man was traveling in his car along Ughelli-Asaba express
road. He saw a huge bush meat hanging on a stick and decided to buy it. He stopped and priced;
“Madam, how much is your bush meat?”. The
woman replied;
“Oga, it is N7000”.
The man exclaimed;
“Haba madam, it’s too costly na, how much will u sell it last?”. The woman said;
“Oga, bring N6,500”.
The man then said;
“Ok, go and put it inside my boot”. The woman went behind the car saying in her mind; If this man
opens the boot, i will drop the bush meat on the ground and go collect my money. Immediately the boot was opened, the woman put the bush meat on the ground and closed the boot without putting the bush meat inside, the man sped off without paying the woman.
Who is Smarter?. Lol

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