Tunde Bamitale had just left UBAA( United Bank for Africa and Asia), where he was the CEO. He had a hectic day and was going to withdraw some money in order to have lunch.

Tunde was a tall, young handsome man of 28 years, dark in complexion and with a oval, hunkish, face . His build was anything but hunky, with an embarrassing pot belly being the main highlight of his upper body. His trouser hid the legs, but his speed tells the story of an under exercised legs and body. He had two kids, both of them by Ifeoma, his lovely Igbo wife who was a Medical Doctor.

Tunde, despite his physical failings, was a tough nut to crack, as his physique belied a strict nature, in which he enforces his principles. He does a good job of obeying them as well, which is evident in him using the ATM machine instead of getting money ‘within’ the bank.

As he was about inserting his card in, He had a phone call which he picked

‘We have you in our sights. If you try to stop that transaction,You will be shot dead!

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