Episode 123

She soon got herself before i could make use of my ‘killer move’, and she quietly pushed me away,

“no stop please, lets no get carried away” she begged, while i still tried to touch her more, but she cleverly resisted and stood up,
“i’m going” i heard her say, while i equally stood up and held her left hand,
“please stay few more minutes with me, remember you closed your shop early” i begged, but she shook her head,
“don’t worry next time, i will stay much longer” she promised……….

I spent my sunday very lonely cos my roomate still refused to return, and as i lay in my room that fateful day i decided to make things right, even though i had previously apologized to him, but then i equally knew that an apology rendered through a phone call is never a good apology, and so i made up my mind to meet val in school and properly apologize to him……..

Monday morning, i met him opposite the school ‘photo stand’, where we shook hands and he stared at me curiously,
“you are not looking fine, is anything the matter?” he inquired while i shruggled,
“my brother my conscience is still disturbing me, i’m sorry for what i did to you, come back to our room nah abeg” i begged while he laughed…..

“bro i didn’t stay away because of pamela’s issue oo, i thought i earlier told you i have forgotten about her, it’s just that i’m helping my dad at home, but by wednesday i will fully return” he explained while i smiled,
“i have lectures this morning, i will call you when i’m done” he added before walking away, and as i turned to walk towards “down school” i ran into Pamela………

She stared at me for a while, before looking away as if she didn’t recognize me, while i grabbed her right hand which earned me a furious look from her,

“what is it again?” she asked angrily as she tried to free her hand, while i held it strongly and smiled at her,

“i’m very sorry for disturbing, but what i have to tell you is very important” i said to her, while she curiously stared at me,

“i want to apologize for what happened between us the last time we met, i was only carried away by your beauty, it wasn’t a game between Val and i, he equally has no hand in it” i explained while she sneered,

“is that all?” she asked as she still tried to break free from my grasp while i breathed deeply,

“yea that’s all” i humbly replied, but she just shruggled,
“i have heard you, but it’s already too late, your friend now avoids me and dosen’t even talk to me anymore” she replied as she finally broke free from me, and without another word, walked away…….

As i watched her leave, my conscience continued to flog me, and i instantly made up my mind, to atone for my sins, by bringing them back together again, even though i knew not how to achieve it…….

“at least a little good deed from me, will help my already condemned soul” i said to myself, as i walked towards my department, that fateful monday morning……

To be continued…..
‘BETRAYAL’ comes up shortly in Vforum……

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