As from that monday evening, Stella began to visit me every evening, for some rounds of sex, which i gave to her with all pleasure, and i really enjoyed her throughout that week, even though we got careless twice…….

However our sexual affair didn’t last long, because she was abruptly sent home the following week, which really surprised me, because we were very discreet with our affair……….

Val later returned to our room and I was forced to move on with my life, even though i still felt for her in a way, because she finally was sent home to be a burden on her poor mother, just like she feared, but then what i really didn’t know was the issue that sent her home, whether it was our affair or another thing, cos she simply refused to tell me…….

Two weeks later, when i had almost forgotten everything about our affair, i recieved a surprised phone call from her,
“baby i’m in trouble oo, i’m finished” she announced over the phone, while sweat appeared on my face, as i calmly asked what was bothering her……..

“i’m yet to see my period oo, since last week” she complained to me, while my heart leapt as a million and one ideas and questions raced into my head,
“baby i’m very scared” she added,
“have you gone for a test” i enquired,
“no i can’t do it here, you know i’m in the village and my mum will get to know” she replied, while i bit my lips and cursed, seriously it’s one of the disadvantages of doing something with less experienced girls, they are always scared, and very dependable……

“what do you want me to do?” i asked,
“i don’t know oo” she replied, while ‘nawaoo’ escaped my lips,
“what?” she asked,
“nothing” i replied, and she kept quiet for a while…….

“baby please come up with something very fast, if this thing comes out, i will run away from home and come to you oo” she said, while i cursed her in my mind,
“thunder fire you there” i cursed………

Seriously nothing eats a guy more than “an unwanted pregnancy scare” and i really wasn’t myself throughout that day to the extent that i refused to eat my lunch……

“guy what is wrong with you today?” Val asked, as he emptied my own food into his plate while i sighed. It really wasn’t my intention to tell him my problem, cos i knew i wouldn’t get any reasonable solution from him, since he wasn’t experienced in that area, but then i needed to share my burden with someone and so i poured out everything to him……

“hahahahahahahaha, guy you finally don score, choi at least i will now have a god-son” he joked while i felt like stabbing him instantly. Val really loves to joke when someone is very serious about something……

“you better shut up, if you don’t have any thing to say” i scolded him, while he shruggled,
“i don’t know about you, but left for me i will invite her over immediately, before village women will use their prying ‘xray’ eyes and notice her pregnancy” he advised, while i nodded,
“and you know once a pregnacy is discovered by a third party, the probability of doing something about it, is very slim” he added, while i smiled in appreciation,
“your old man will be very proud of you, let me call her immediately” i said as i reached for my phone……..

Hmmmm, and that was how i carried another pregnancy burden, when i was yet to know the ‘whereabouts’ or what really happened to the first girl who did it for me, during my pre-degree days……

To be continued……

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