Later in the afternoon i sat with Val in a school restaurant, where we gisted and i equally told him how my affair with stella was going,

“isn’t it better you let go of her, she already has lots of problem or are you ready to share it with her?” he had asked that fateful afternoon, while i shook my head,
“no i have already gone very far with her, i can’t just back away now” i replied while he shruggled,
“okay oo but left for me, i will be happy if you should let her be” he concluded, and i laughed it away……

“i think Pamela likes you very much” i later said to him cautiously, while he stared into my eyes,
“why do you say so?” he inquired and i shruggled,
“i talked to her this morning” i replied gently, while he nodded for me to continue,
“and she told me that you don’t talk to her anymore” i added, while he looked away and said nothing,
“is it true?” i asked curiously……

“please lets just forget Pamela’s issue, she isn’t of any interest to me anymore” he said quietly, while i smiled,
“bro you should learn how to fight for a girl you love, if not you are going to remain a virgin for a very long time” i advised, while he laughed,
“who told you i’m not happy to be a virgin?” he asked, but i said nothing and kept my thoughts to myself, cos i have never seen a matured guy, who is happy as a virgin…….

Val later left for his hometown, while i trekked to stella’s shop, to keep her company as usual. She smiled happily when she saw me, and i stayed with her till 7pm, when she locked her shop and followed me to my room again,
“please promise me you won’t touch me when we get to your room” she said to me on our way, and i promised her, even though i knew i wouldn’t keep it…….

We soon got to my room where we chatted for a while, before i pounced on her, kissing and caressing, while she tried to resist……

Her shirt was soon on the floor, followed by her bra as i expertly undressed her as we kissed. And the more we kissed, the more her resistance reduced, and soon she was moaning as i s----d her tongue, while my left hand grabbed her right b----t in preparation for my killer move……..

I gently pinched and squeezed her right n----e with my left fingers, while my left palm, cupped, rubbed and squeezed her average sized right b---m, which really threw her backwards, as she broke our kiss in excitement, and my mouth then landed on her left b---m, which i s----d expertly……

“Ouchhh oooo eeeyy! Easy oo my body is on fire” she moaned, as she wriggled her waist, while i gently pulled down her skirt and pant, and plunged in my right hand into her k---y zone for my ‘knock out kill’, and when my right fingers finally came in contact with her k---y, i slowly dug in my third right finger, while i stroked her cli.t with my first right finger just like a guitar………

“ohhhhhhhhhooo” she moaned loudly as i stroked, which made me to smile as i reached for my rubber…….

And she never did get herself till i was done ravaging her sweet tight k---y……..

Oh and it really was a sweet monday night for me…..

To be continued…….

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