“Guy abeg you will sleep in Ebuka’s room tonight” i whispered to Val, when stella went to prepare our night meal later in the evening,
“okay bro no wahala” he replied with a knowing smile, while i smiled back at him,
“but guy i’m very scared ooo” i confessed. He tapped my shoulder and looked into my eyes,
“i’m not more experienced than you, so i have nothing to tell you, other than to be strong” he advised, while i forced out a smile and thanked him………

“but wait oo, what if this girl is not strong enough to survive it and she dies what will you do?” Val asked curiously in his usual way. His impromptu question really caught me off guard and equally shook me, but i calmed myself and maintained my composure……

“hmmm you don’t even know what a desperate heart can do, if anything happens to her, i will dispose off her body nah” i replied evily, while he shruggled and looked into my eyes,
“my brother it’s not easy ooo, anyway lets pray it dosen’t arrive to that” he concluded with a smile, while my heart pounded furiously as i reasoned deeply…….

“guy i dey come, make i go play P.S for Ebuka’s room” he said an hour later, as he washed his hands after our night meal, while stella looked at both of us suspiciously, but said nothing, and when he was gone i stared into her eyes, while my heart furiously pounded as my lips quivered……..

“what is it?” she asked with concern. I looked away and said nothing,
“baby what is it?” she asked again. I breathed deeply……

“baby have you thought of any solution, we can use concerning your pregnancy?” i heard myself ask, while she shook her head,
“no i have no solution” she replied,
“what if i give you drugs will you take?” i asked,
“drugs for what?” she anxiously asked, while i looked away……

“no no no! Don’t tell me you are even thinking of abortion” she said to me, and i kept quiet,
“my Gawd, just listen to yourself, are you this heartless? It’s murder for crying out loud” she poured out, while I kept quiet and allowed her pour out her mind, which she did before calming down…….

“do you want to have the child?” i asked, and she kept quiet,
“what of your jamb, will you still be able to further your education when you have your child to cater for?” i further asked, and she still kept quiet,
“how will you cater for the child, you know i’m a student and i may even deny responsibility” i added, while she stared at me and said nothing,
“how will your mum feel and where will you live with your child?” i asked, and this time around she covered her face with her palms, while i smiled bitterly, washed my hands, got up from the floor and laid on my bed……

“good night dear, please wake me when you make up your mind” i calmly said to her, even though it equally pained me, to express myself in such manner,

“but sometimes a bitter truth is needed in order to face reality” The Player’s Diary……..

To be continued……..

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