An hour later, she calmly shook me, while i turned to face her. There was tears in her eyes as she looked at me, which equally touched my spirit and wounded my soul…….

“i will take the drugs” i heard her say, and i heaved a sigh of relief as i stared at her,
“are you sure about it?” i calmly asked, as i held her hands while she looked down……

“it’s what you want, who am i to say no” she replied. I drew her close and held her face,
“baby what i want dosen’t matter, are you sure you are strong and determined to carry on with your decision?” i asked, while more tears fell from her eyes,

“i have no choice than to take the pills, moreover what is the need, bringing a child into this world to suffer with me?” she replied………

“i wish i could take the drugs in your behalf” i sincerely said to her, while she sadly looked down
“don’t worry, it’s the cross i have to carry alone” she replied…….

Seriously the sweetness of raw intimacy is equivalent to the bitterness of an unwanted pregnancy, and there is nothing painful, scaring and mind blowing, than indulging in an unsactioned termination……..

Hmmmmm, truly the feeling is really undescribable, and it’s something every youth should pray never to encounter, because accidents do happen atimes, which then leaves abstinence as the only trusted precaution against un wanted pregnancy……..

I brought out the pills for her, and she cried bitterly as she looked at them,
“i regret ever closing my shop early just to be with you” she bitterly said, while i caressed her back….

“it’s okay dear, stop crying over split milk, i will still be with you till the end” i promised, and she hopefully stared at me,
“are you sure?” she asked,
“yea baby” i replied with a smile………

My body was drenched in sweat, as she calmly took the pills, and when she was done with the last one, i sweetly smiled at her,
“so you see, there is nothing hard in it” i said, while she shruggled,
“i just pray it won’t disturb me tonight” she replied……..

I was unable to sleep as i watched over her that night, and my mind wandered as many thoughts entered my head,

“please Gawd do forgive me, i promise not to fornicate again” i prayed, as my heart pounded furiously……..

Two hours later, she sprang up from my bed, ran into the toilet and began vomiting, while i watched her in surprise, as i wondered whether she was vomiting the drugs i gave her, or vomiting out our baby, which really confused me, because the first girl who did it for me, never did vomit, but only complained of a biting stomach when she took the same drugs…….

Hmmmm what i passed through as a student, can never be fully written down……….

To be continued…..

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