she really vomited for long that wednesday night, while i patiently and fearfully waited on her. She equally was unable to fall asleep, and all she did, was just to cry till the following morning, while my own thoughts kept me company, as they raced to and fro…..

There really wasn’t any change on her the following day which was thursday nor even on friday, which really got me worried, and i had no choice than to go with her for a lab test on saturday morning, which came out positive, and i felt like strangling her that moment, because she was costing me alot, and equally drying up my little savings, without any good result to compensate me, and i also got more mad at her, when she began to cry after she saw her test result that saturday morning……..

I also was very scared, because i knew of cases where ‘babies’ refused to go away, no matter the drugs that were applied to send them away, and i did ‘the sign of the cross’ as my thoughts rested on that possibility,
“no something is wrong somewhere, i have to go back to the drug store” i concluded as we returned to my hostel…….

Val equally was very anxious to know the outcome of event, and when i told him the status of her test result, his mood changed and he shook his head with concern,
“bro i think you have to go and get another powerful combination of pills, it seems like her body is the strong type” he advised, while i nodded in agreement,
“yea i already have that in mind, infact i plan on going back to the drug store this evening” i replied, and he nodded,
“very good, i will also go with you” he said, while i smiled happily………

Seriously i was equally very lucky that Sandra wasn’t around that particular week, because i really knew not how i would have handled the whole situation supposing she was around, moreover she wasn’t just a casual girl, who i easily could have waived aside, but a strong energic girl, who would have fought me till the end, supposing she heard of it……..

Later that evening, Val and i headed to Orji where we met a locked shop,
“he travelled to onitsha this morning and will return on wednesday” was the reply a neighbour gave to us, when we enquired about my drug supplier……..

My heart leaped, while fear engulfed me, and i felt like disappearing into thin air,
“what is all these” i heard myself bittery ask, while Val dragged me back to our hostel……

I really was in a very terrible state that saturday evening, that i even knew not Stella and i, who was in a better frame of Mind, that fateful evening…..

“Oh the torments of unwanted pregnancy, is something which is very hard to describe”…..

To be continued….

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