“what do i do now?” was the question i kept asking myself that fateful evening, and my mind knew no rest, as i reasoned deeply in search of solution…….

I really was very scared because i knew delay was dangerous, moreover i knew not the type of body she had, which was strong enough to fight the first mixture of pills i gave her,
” is there any guarrantee, that the next attempt will be successful?” i wondered bitterly…….

The situation was very tense for us that evening, to the extent that stella and i barely touched our night meal…….

“hmmmm abeg oo, i’m not yet ready to be a father” i kept on saying to myself as i stared at her stubborn stomach that evening, while she held her jaw with both hands, and returned my look……

Truly, Val was the only person a bit composed that fateful evening, which i envied him for, and i swallowed bitterly as i watched him silently
“i just wish i’m val right now” i said to myself as i eyed him sadly…….

“but what if this child refuses to go away??” i reasoned over and over again, which really shook me badly as my thoughts returned to my own problem,
“tufiakwa gawd forbid” i cursed, before an idea finally occurred to me, which made me smile as my face lit up hopefully……

“yea Emeka is the man” i exclaimed in my mind as i nodded. I calmly kicked val who instantly stared at me and i made a sign for him to follow me…….

I soon left our room, while he joined me outside minutes later,

“guy i have a solution” i happily said to him, which made him stare at me with an open mouth,
“i will invite Emeka to come over and help me” i explained while he nodded……

I later called Emeka on phone that same evening, and he promised to show up the next day, which he did after keeping us in suspense and fear because he came very late… However his arrival really boosted my confidence, ‘cos he really was my oga who knew the real solution to my problem’, and when he came he assured me not to bother,
“i know how to deal with ‘stubborn babies” he said confidently…….

“i would have used my leaves, but since you already have started with white medicine, we will have to finish it with the same white medicine” he equally lectured us later in the night, when Stella was asleep, and we then came to a conclusion, that the best way of dealing with it, was to take her to a doctor, because we really didn’t know the real age of her pregnancy, or whether she equally was hiding something useful…….

And so we agreed that sunday night, to take Stella to Aba, where Emeka had a doctor friend, who dealt with such cases……

Hmmmmmmm, and even though i believed and trusted Emeka very much, i equally was very very scared, because anything could happen and you all know what happens to unfortunate guys……………


Where i still may be till today, supposing something bad happened to her……..

To be continued……
Thanks for your patience,

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