“Nne you are very pretty” the doctor said with a smile, while stella blushed and looked down,
“i will have to collect a sample of your blood and urine, in order to run my own diagnosis, but first i will need to speak privately with you, just incase you have something to tell me” he said to her, while Emeka and i nodded in agreement. He then stood up and opened a door which led to a small room, where he entered and beckoned on stella to join him……

They spent about seven minutes in the room before coming out,
“everything is okay, a nurse will come to collect her blood and urine, after which we will discuss further, so you guys can wait here for me, while i go over to my main office and attend to other patients” he explained with a smile…….

A dark pretty slim nurse soon showed up, and she led stella to a room where she collected her blood and urine, while we sat patiently, and waited……

The doctor finally returned two hours later, with a piece of paper which looked like a hospital result sheet, and he smiled as he sat down,
“so sorry for keeping you guys here, everything is now set, but first we need to discuss something” he said and licked his lips, while i stared at him in surprise, and Emeka tapped my knee……

“baby girl please excuse us for a while” he equally said to stella, who stood up immediately and left his office,

“guys we have to discuss business first, it is my policy to collect money before handling my knife” he explained, while Emeka laughed,
“this man you never wan change abi??” he asked, and the doctor laughed,
“brother i can’t help it oo” he replied…….

“so how much?” Emeka asked,
“just 20k” he replied casually, while i gasped in shock,
“gini?{what?)” Emeka exclaimed, which made the doctor laugh very hard,
“is the money much? Hope you know i do charge 30k for this” he explained,
“this is no ordinary drink and flush thing quacks do, i’m a certified medical doctor and i have a very clean record which you know” he added, while Emeka nodded……..

“i know you have never f----d up before, but just do this to help me nah abeg” he pleaded,
“okay just bring 15k you know i’m not working alone” he explained, but Emeka shook his head,
“brother we only came with 10k, take it and help us, unless it’s not your mind to help” he said to the doctor who just shruggled and nodded,
“okay ooo i don hear” he replied………

I gave the doctor, ten thousand naira, which really took me a whole lot of pain to get. He collected the money with a smile, and locked it inside the ‘drawer’ beneath his table………

He then breathed deeply, stood up and invited stella into his office once again,
“baby girl i know you are very strong, so don’t let me down okay” he said to her, while she nodded with fear,
“guys you can now leave us alone, i want to spend some minutes with your girl” he joked and winked at me, while we left his office silently………

I Truly felt for stella that particular moment, because i knew she was about to face the nightmare of every girl, and equally a very terrible pain, which will forever leave a scar in her mind…..

To be continued…..
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