I had no option than to travel home with sandra the next weekend, which i really did unhappily, but she cared not and never even bothered to hide her feelings nor excitement from me…….

“hope your mum will like me, should i wear skirt or trouser, what do you think we should buy for mumy and daddy, hope your dad will also like me” she muttered on and on as we prepared to travel home that fateful friday evening, while Val sat on the bed and watched us with a smile…….

“hahahahahaha guy finally you are about to settle down for good” val had said to me earlier in the week, when i told him about my mother and sandra, which really made me feel like slapping him because his comment just made me more upset……

“what if mum falls in love with sandra” i wondered hopelessly, because she really wasn’t in the category of girls i needed for a wife, moreover i knew she was older than me, even though i cleverly hid it from her……….

We got home around 5:30pm that fateful friday evening, while mum came outside to welcome us. Sandra rushed and hugged her with a smile,
“good evening mum” she greeted, while my mother smiled as she glanced all over her body before leading us inside the house……

Dad was in the sitting room reading a newspaper when we all entered, and he smiled as he saw us, before focusing his attention back to his newspaper…….

Sandra really behaved herself that weekend, and she easily gained my mother’s trust by always being around her through out her stay in our house, and she equally kept my mum glued to her side with stories which i really knew not where she got from, {my mother loves gossips and stories alot}, and so they easily formed a bond like mother and daughter, while she also gained my father’s trust by washing and ironing all his clothes that weekend which really delighted and surprised him…… I really was so helpless and all i did was just to watch in awe as she gained my parents love and bought their affection over my head………

I really couldn’t stop her nor control her actions because we were under my parents roof, moreover she never even had time for me, because she always was with my mother who took her as a daughter she never had..,…..

Finally on monday morning, we were set to go back to Owerri, while dad hugged her tenderly and gave her three thousand naira,
“my daughter manage this, i never knew someone like you was coming to visit us, please feel free to visit us anyday you are chanced” he said to her, while mum followed us till we got a bike, which took us to the bus junction……..

“my son please don’t ever return home without her” she whispered into my ear with a smile………..

To be continued……

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