we finally returned to my hostel where sandra hugged me happily, before staring at me with eyes filled with love, and happiness,
“thanks so much for taking me to your home” she said happily to me, while i forced out a smile as i gave her a kiss,
“you really deserve a whole lot, and thanks for putting a smile on my parents face” i replied. Her eyes glittered as her face lit up with more joy,
“i love you very much dear” she whispered, while i swallowed hard……..

I really and truly felt something strong for her, but then i equally knew it wasn’t strong enough to lead me to the altar, moreover she really is my senior, which very well spoiled everything for me,
“how old will she be by 2013?” i wondered as i stared at her,
“a good six years will be added unto her age by then, which will make her ’28’ or more” i reasoned,
“oh no no no, there is no way this would work” i muttered to myself as i swallowed hard, but then Sandra never reasoned that way nor thought ahead, because she truly believed in our love……..

“guy things are really getting out of hand” i confessed to val very seriously that same monday in school, while he stared at me and nodded,
“yea i feared sandra from the first day i met her, because she truly have ambition in her eyes and experience in her hands” he replied, which made me to nod,
“yea she equally told me so but i failed to realise what she meant back then” i said to him………

“the fight is all yours bro, and i think you need a new strategy, because she is already winning you on your own game, and i swear her next step might be to get pregnant for you, if she notices any funny behaviour from you” he said to me, while i gasped,
“really?” i asked val, who just nodded,
“yea have you forgotten in every battle there is always a back up plan?” he asked, and i nodded as i reasoned deeply,
“once you switch to a plan b, she will also activate hers, i need not tell you that a girl like her could survive any situation, which means she could even have a child for you and take over the responsibility till you are ready” he further explained, while i nodded in agreement……

hmmmm truly i really do find solace in val’s young uncorrupted mind, and reasoning back then, because he reasoned like a commoner which really was very useful to me….

“but do you think she could go that far?” i asked while he shruggled,
“you have to answer that yourself bro, moreover don’t play with Mbaise girls” he added with a smile…….

I held my jaw as i reasoned deeply, because all his words really were very true, but then i equally couldn’t believe a girl could love someone like me without any money attached to my name,

“hmmmm something very bad surely is about to play out, or is it just all about love?” i reasoned deeply, while Val’s last comment
“don’t play with mbaise girls” kept on resounding on my head……

The best way to win most wars is surely by taking the fight to the enemy and not by defence, which really was sandra’s tactics, and so how do i now stage a counter attack and a major come back??” was a very tough question which weighed me down……….


To be continued…….

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