10th January 2008,

Val and i returned to owerri in high spirits, cos we had a very wonderful xmas, which i really enjoyed because sandra travelled to her own village leaving me free as a bird………

But my happiness was killed after Val broke the news of his packing out to me. At first i couldn’t really believe my ears when i heard him, but the serious expression on his face really explained it more, and i got a very terrible shock which wounded my heart deeply……..

“brother you can keep all the properties, it’s just that i have to move on, live on my own and equally change my lifestyle” he seriously said to me, while i felt like crying cos i never suspected he could do such thing to me. There was really nothing i could do about his decision and so the following morning he moved out from the room we lived together and peacefully as brothers, to seek his own way or lifestyle as he called it………..

So i was left all alone with sandra for the second leg of our relationship which commenced on january 11 2008, the same day val packed out……….

She returned that fateful day looking very bright, sweet and happy, but when she saw my mood, she knelt beside me and stared into my eyes,
“what is it daddy? You are not looking bright?” she anxiously asked, while i shruggled unhappily, as i equally swallowed hard,
“val has packed out” i replied sadly, while she glanced at me in surprise,
“please repeat what you just said, i don’t understand” she said to me as she held my left hand,
“val has moved to another hostel, he is no longer staying here with us” i explained, while i noticed a smile on her face, which she later tried to hide unsuccessfully………

“daddy that should not make you sad nah, i will always be with you okay” she said with a smile while i kept quiet,
“only if you knew how important val is to me you won’t have muttered this nonsense” i said to myself………

So i started my 200level unhappily and with a mind filled with plans, but then sandra still controlled our relationship with her numerous list of strategies, which kept on growing day after day……..

“my son how really do you feel about sandra?, you know we your parents are not stupid either. We have equally not failed to notice how strongly she have attached herself to us?” mum had asked me before val and i returned back to school, but i really had no solid answer to give her, which made her breathe deeply
“even though we do like her alot, please be careful because she could still be your downfall if you spoil her mind in the end, so please you two should talk things through” she had advised me……….

And so my first priority that january was to make everything difficult for sandra, which i started by always claiming to be broke, after we had finished the foodstuffs and money she returned with. She never did complain but still managed with me because she believed my story, not knowing that i always ate outside, and most times i was forced to watch her starve for a whole day, which really was a very terrible sight to behold, but i had to do it, because i knew it was just a matter of time before it would break or even make her cheat on me, which was the excuse i very much needed, before throwing her things out, and even though it hurt my mind badly, i had to do it, because no relationship works with empty stomach or without money………..

To be continued…….
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