At first my technique worked very well on her, to the extent that she lost a whole lot of weight within a couple of days, but after few weeks had gone by, her body regained her bright and sharp nature again, as if it had adapted to hunger. I equally had to investigate her in order to be sure of her fidelity, but i ended up discovering nothing, apart that she ate most times in her school, just the way i did, even though she claimed she only ate at her friends hostels………

However no matter all she went through, she still continued to shower me with more love and attention, which really touched my conscience very much and i then made up my mind to talk things through with her…….

It really was very hard for me to come up with something new and sensible, and after i was done with my thinking and planning, i decided to disclose my new plan to her, which i did on a cold evening after our night meal……

With a fast beating heart, i held her hands and stared into her eyes,
“baby there is something i want us to discuss” i said sweetly to her, while she smiled,
“i’m all ears dear and i equally have something i also wish to discuss with you, when we are done with yours” she replied…….

“baby i know this year is very bad for us, and we equally have been starving virtually everyday, which do pain me very well, because you deserve something better than this suffering. I also do feel ashamed, whenever you use your school money to prepare food just like tonight for me, i will forever be indepted to you” i said sweetly, while she smiled and kissed me,
“baby you equally deserve more, and i will continue to do my best for you” she replied, i breathed heavily……..

“baby i have been thinking lately, and i think it will be better if you should return to your hostel, at least you can easily manage when you have only yourself to cater for” i quietly added, while she stared at me in surprise for a while, before smiling again,

“baby i do enjoy staying with you, moreover i’m not complaining, and even if i should agree, where will we get my hostel fee from?” she asked anxiously…….

My hands shook as i smiled and swallowed hard, because it really took a whole lot of time and effort, before i could come up with such speech{plan}, moreover i really didn’t want to end things with her that moment, but all i wanted was just a little space from her, because i really needed fresh air badly. But as i stared into her eyes all my hopes collasped, because i saw she really was very determined and ready to live with me and starve, than to return back to her hostel, which equally was unbelievable……

“daddy where will we get the money for my hostel rent from?” she asked again curiously, as she smiled with a suspicious look……

To be continued…..

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