“baby my mum promised to give me twenty thousand naira by the end of next week, so i believe it will be enough for both of us to share” i explained, while she continued to smile…….

“you are a very nice guy, but don’t bother yourself ok!” she whispered as she kissed me, while i speechlessly stared at her, with a very sad mind which really was well concealed with a smile…….

“baby i now know that you are willing to make a whole lot of sacrificies for me, and for that reason i will keep on staying by your side no matter what it takes, but baby it’s better we make good use of that money by buying all our textbooks, i believe the remaining balance will be enough for us to manage” she added sweetly, while i shruggled and yawned,
“i have heard you dear, i will do as you suggested” i replied in resignation, which made her more happy as she caressed my head for a while, before taking off her singlet and feeding me her bosoms as if i was a child………

“baby you said earlier, that you equally have something you want us to discuss?” i reminded her as i caressed her hand a little,

“yea dear, my friend and i have been employed as receptionists in a small hotel along okigwe road” she calmly said to me, while i gasped and stared at her in surprise………..

I shifted a bit away from her with mixed feelings as i stared at her with coloured eyes, and i equally felt something like anger or jealousy within me,
“my girl will never work in a hotel tufiakwa” i muttered to myself,

“baby what is the matter, talk to me nah?” i heard sandra anxiously say, while i bit my lips very hard,
“which of the hotels in okigwe road?” i asked,
“the hotel is just by the right side of the road before amawire” she explained as she stared into my eyes,
“how did you get to know that they were employing people?” i asked suspiciously, while she got up angrily,

“why all these kind of questions, if you are suspecting me, just open up and ask a direct question instead of beating around the bush” she angrily said, and i snapped when i heard her last comment……..

“so instead of going to school, you were busy going from one hotel to another searching for employment, who even knows the reason you were employed there” i poured out bitterly, while her eyes sparkled in anger,

“i don’t know why broke guys are always bitter and jealous mtcheeeeew” she muttered, hissed and backed me, while i rushed up to her and landed a very dirty slap on her face, which sent her a bit backwards………..

She bent in pain and held her face for a while, before diving and charging at me, by grabbing me by the waist and we landed heavily on my bed, where she landed two quick blows on my face, before bolting and running out from my room……..

To be continued……….

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