i didn’t go after her, but instead locked my door with a dirty smile. I barely had locked my door when she began knocking on it desperately,
“please i’m sorry open the door, i’m naked” she pleaded with a slightly raised voice, while i instantly looked at my bed and saw her singlet where it lay rumpled at the edge of my bed……..

I truly forgot that she ran out ‘half naked’, but then she equally was very lucky that there was no electricity that evening and that we were living at the last room on the ‘ground floor’…….

“you are very lucky to have run out naked, if not i wouldn’t have opened this door for you” i angrily said to her, as i opened my door, while she remorsefully entered my room, wore her singlet and sat quietly in a corner……..

My plan that evening really was to throw out her things after i had locked my door, but then fate really was on her side, which made her run out naked, and no matter how i felt that moment, she still was my girl and i really couldn’t afford another eyes to see her naked body…….

“oh if only she hadn’t run out naked, i would have ended our relationship with this opportunity” i said under my breath as i felt my jaw where her blows landed, with my palms……..

“baby i’m sorry for everything, you know i have sacrificied alot for our relationship to work. why do you keep treating me like a w.hore its not fair, everything i do is all for our welfare, i got this job not because i like it, but just that i couldn’t stay and watch you starve without doing anything about it, if i did wrong by getting the job, i’m so sorry please forgive me” she calmly appealed with tears in her eyes and i equally was very touched, because i truly didn’t see any reason for me to get jealous nor slap her, if not that i have been looking for an opportunity to quarrel with her……….

“baby here i’m all by myself with a heart full of love, remember the promise you made before i accepted you into my life.
You beat me regularly yet i do endure, i starve most times yet it never did shake my feelings for you, i have been tempted most times, yet i have never cheated on you, is there any other test you need from me in order to confirm how unshakeable and strong the love i have for you is, or are you just tired of me?, please tell me, i need answers, it’s better now than later, do you still love me??” she asked with tears in her eyes, while i saw the opportunity i have been waiting for, right in my presence……..

I swallowed hard as sweat poured down from my body, while she watched me with all her mind and soul……….

Hmmmm how easy it is for us to wish for something very hard to achieve and so hard it equally was for me to say “i don’t love you anymore” to her, a sentence which really has been in my mind for long……..

But was i able to tell her my true feelings that fateful evening??…….

To be continued……

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