“do you stay alone?” i inquired curiously, when we got to her simple, but well designed room,
“i have a roomate, but she is in school right now” she replied with a smile as she sat on her bed, while i sat on a plastic chair and faced her with a beautiful smile which displayed on my face………

“oh dear, i really do not need to tell you how beautiful you have become, or how staring at your beautiful face makes me to remember the moments we shared together” i said to her sweetly. She blushed and looked down,
“please stop it”, i heard her say, while i drew closer and sat beside her,
“i really can’t stop my lips from singing your praises, moreover you deserve them all” i added as i held her right hand……….

“so tell me what happened between you and that stupid law student?” i asked curiously, but she hesitantly bit her lips for a while before looking up at me,
“i’m so sorry but i prefer not to discuss it” she replied………

It really appeared that her affair with that boy left her very wounded and devastated, which really drew out a smile from my face, because she left me in search of greener pastures, only to fall into a hot desert in the process…….

“so tell me about yourself, how have you been doing?” she curiously asked with a smile,
“things havn’t been easy for me since you left my life. I moved into a new hostel, tried to love again, but it really isn’t easy to get someone with a good heart like yours, and so i have been in and out of relationships most part of last year, till i made a new year resolution not to fall in love again, but now that i have found you, i really do not know whether i could still keep my resolution” i said to her, while she blushed again……..

“we all need to love and to be loved, that’s what makes us human, but sometimes circumstances do make us shut our heart from love” she muttered slowly, as she looked up at me………

We stared into each others eyes silently, while our hearts sang hymns of joy together, like choirs of vatican city, as our body and soul equally yearned deeply for each other……..

I knew not how it happened, but i found myself drew more closer as i held her tenderly, and before we could blink, my lips closed in on her, while she closed her eyes as she recieved my kiss……..

“Oh frank what are you doing?” she asked moments later, when she finally freed her lips,
“i’m doing what i should have done, when we broke up” i replied,
“which is?” she asked weakly,
“fighting to win back your love” i answered, before kissing her again……..

“oh frank hope you are real this time around” she managed to mutter, as she fell under the spell of my magic kiss over again……..

To be continued………
Good morning dearest friends! Hope your night was cool?

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