I passionately kissed her, while she weakly tried to resist, but the strength of my lips really was too much for her to handle………

My left hand soon reached for her back, where it expertly caressed, while I equally went for her bosoms, with my right hand, after caressing her left shoulder with it. She breathed hotly as i added more pressure in kissing her, while my joystick warmed up for a perfect meal which had eluded it for so long…….

My body temperature grew hot as my right fingers finally grasped her delicate left b---m, while she shook as if cold water was poured on her, when she felt my touch……..

Oh and there was joy, excitement and great passion in my heart as i prepared myself for the unexpected meal which i was about to have. But just that moment i was brought back to reality, when she violently pushed me away with all her might, before lying face down on her bed……..

D--n i bit my lips as i stared at her with surprise and confusion, while my joystick slowly returned to its original state,
“baby what is the matter?” i calmly asked, as i played with her hair……..

She kept quiet for a while, before turning to face me with red eyes, which really surprised me,
“please go away and let me be” i heard her say as she stood up. I equally stood up, and reached for her right hand, which she immediately snatched away, before backing me again……..

“did i hurt you?” i asked polietly, but she just placed both hands on her waist and said nothing,
“i’m so sorry dear, it really wasn’t my intention to kiss you, i was just carried away” i tried to explain, but i was forced to stop, when she angrily turned and faced me again…….

“you were carried away by lust right? See i’m not a stupid girl, and you never can use my head, since you never did use it when i was still a small girl in pre degree, so i don’t think you can use it now” she poured out hotly, while my face coloured, as i swallowed hard and stared at her in surprise…….

“you think i’m vunerable, because you heard i just broke up with my guy right?, Frank i know you very well don’t try to deny it” she equally added bitterly, while i continued to stare at her in amazement and with an open mouth, for her sudden change of character and mood……..

“baby why did you allow these stupid ideas to enter your head?” i asked desperately,
“i’m very sorry for kissing you, i was only carried away by my feelings without knowing that you still habour some form of resentment towards me, i promise it won’t happen again” i calmly apologised, while she coldly stared at me…….

Sometimes girls are really very unpredictable, and such uncalculated behaviour can even throw a learned gentleman, off balance, however i really feared something like that might happen as i kissed her that moment, because she really was a very calculative girl, which equally was the reason i was yet to taste her honey pot till that moment, even though we have known each other for two years……..

“should i still stay?” i heard myself ask with a sweet smile, but she immediately shook her head,
“no you can start going, i want to be left alone” she replied, while i bit my lips with pain, which clearly showed in my eyes…..

“it’s okay sha, today is really the second time you are sending me out from your room, do take care bye” i said, turned and walked to her door, which i instantly opened….

Surprisingly She rushed forward, drew me back with shaking hands and stared at me with a coloured face,

“frank please let’s just be friends” she begged…….

To be continued…..
Thanks for your Patience….
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