“so you have learned how to gossip with my name abi?” i angrily asked her, while she clapped her hands and stared at her friends,
“hope una hear wetin dis boy just talk?” she asked them as she sighed…….

“see i no dey laugh with you for dis hostel, abeg respect yourself and mind your own business or else” i warned angrily, while her friends bursted into laughter which really infuriated me, but all i was able to do was just to gaze at them with burning eyes……..

“baby slap this idiot nah, what are you waiting for, the insult don too much abeg” i heard one them say to her,
“frank i just kept quiet all these while, because your girlfriend is my friend, if not i would have removed one of your teeth this afternoon” she said to me with a very loud voice, while her friends continued to laugh……..

“hope you know that you are no longer a child?? Agadi nwanyi baby,{old baby woman} just try me next time and you will see” i barked furiously, before turning to leave her room, but surprisinly she grabbed my right hand, which truly made me froze momentarily, because i really wasn’t expecting that move from her, moreover i equally wasn’t ready nor foolish enough to fight with an old lady who already was tired of life, and who equally wasn’t smiling in the level she found herself. But as a guy i didn’t show my fear nor surprise, but instead faced her with an angry mien……..

“i will continue to gossip with your name, and even spread rumours about you, so better do anything you want to do right now” she taunted, while i stared at her large stomach, which really was a perfect spot to wound her for a moment, but then i held myself because i knew fighting a lady isn’t the same as fighting a guy, because the fight won’t end there. she will surely come for a second and third round with her boyfriends, and the fourth round with policemen, which wasn’t what i was ready to face, even though i knew her friends were equally waiting for an opportunity to pounce on me………

“frank abeg don’t fall your hands here, better do your mind right now” she urged, as she still tightly held me, while i became more confused with each passing second, because i wasn’t even ready nor prepared for the kind of show she put up……….

“Nawa for you ooo, frank do something nah” her friends chorused with laughter, which really got me ashamed, but luckily for me, sandra rushed into the room, and dragged me out, while big mama released her grasp, as she stared at her with open mouth, because she really was surprised in what sandra did……..

You guys won’t really believe how glad and relieved i was, when sandra showed up at that crucial moment and dragged me away, but as a guy i still continued to rant,
“don’t try me oo, because i won’t mind your age when dealing with you” i warned as i was being dragged away, while her friends continued to laugh……

When we finally got back to my room, i transferred all my anger to sandra…….

To be continued……

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