I really was at lost on what next to do, while my heart pounded furiously as i bit my lips,
“choi i don fall hands again oo” i lamented……..

I really couldn’t get myself nor the energy to attend lectures, which i already was prepared for, that friday, and all i did was just to lay back on my bed in despair, while my thoughts kept me company………..

I soon slept away, and only woke when sandra knocked on my door, later around noon,
“the lecture didn’t hold again” she explained as she entered my room, while i yawned and returned to my bed……….

“were you sleeping when i knocked?” she asked as she looked at me with concern, while i stretched myself,
“yea i have been sleeping since morning” i replied……..

I really was very uncomfortable throughout that afternoon, that i saw myself knocking on Val’s door around 4:00pm later in the evening, in order to straighten things out with him…….

He opened his door a minute later and gasped in surprise when he saw me,
“how far” i greeted as i entered his room with a faint smile, while he responded quietly…….

I sat on his bed and stared at him with a fast pounding heart. He equally sat beside me and watched me silently,

“guy i’m sorry for what happened in the morning, please don’t let it come between us” i apologized, while he smiled,
“a girl can never come between us bro, it’s just that i was very surprised in what you did, any way i really don’t fancy her that much, so you can have her if you still want” he said to me, while i stared at him, as i desperately tried to read his face……..

“nawa bro, why you dey talk like that nah?” i asked stupidly, but he only shruggled and said nothing……

Seriously i really did a very brave thing, by visiting him that same day, even though it appeared very risky to me. My visit that particular evening also took him by surprise and for the first time, we stayed together without knowing what to discuss, because of the calmed tension between us and the guilt in my heart………..

That particular day also was the day i swore never to mess around with any of his female friends again, and even though we never fought over Nma, he kind of kept more of his affairs to himself from that day, which really made me not to know much about Christy and others after her…….

As i left his room that fateful evening, he refused to see me off, for the first time, which really didn’t bother me, because i knew he needed time to recover from the wound i inflicted on him…….

I also ran into Nma at the gate, and i really was at lost on what to say to her. Surprisinly she stood in my way and blocked my path,

“what’s your gain in what you just did with val eeh?, upon all your denials, my fear still came to past mtcheeeew” she said, sighed and made to walk away, while i held her left hand, which stopped her

“what do you mean?” i asked in surprise,
“abeg stop pretending, better own up like a man, because i’m already aware that he Sent you to make passes at me, and then you had to embarrass me, by calling my phone number in his presence, immediately after you spoke with him, anyway you havn’t seen the last of me, i will make you pay for what you just cost me” she threatened, snatched her hand and walked away, while i mused……

“what can she really do to me??” i wondered……

To be continued…..

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