I returned to my room around 6:05pm very tired, nervous, and hungry, while sandra stared at me in silence……

“hope all is well?” i heard her ask, moments later, as she sat beside me on my bed, while i forced out a smile and stared back at her,
“yea i’m fine, it’s just that i’m very tired and hungry” i explained……..

“there is hot water in the kettle, let me prepare bath water for you. your food will equally be ready before you are done with your bath!” she said sweetly to me, and i smiled in appreciation,
“thanks alot dear, you are simply wonderful” i said as i caressed her back with my right hand……..

My strength returned after i took my bath and i ate the rice and beans she served me, while she smiled happily as she watched me,
“i can’t stop loving you” i heard her say, while i instantly felt guilt and swallowed hard…….

She really possessed everything i needed in a woman, which really was the reason i should have loved her with all my heart, but as i said earlier, her age really was a big hinderance, and her possessive nature also was a major obstacle, which equally stood in my way…………

Our Electricity went off an hour later, and our room was thrown into darkness,
“nawaoo for this our country” i hissed, while she came and sat on my laps,
“the night is still young to start sleeping, do something about it” she said and kissed me, while i took off her shirt, and played with her bosoms which i squeezed to my satisfaction……

“naughty boy” she moaned as she clunged unto me. I kissed her for a while, before whispering in her ear,
“let me undress sweety” i whispered. She smiled stood up, took off her trouser and pant, while i equally took off my clothes before sitting back on my bed…….

She knelt beside me, grabbed my joystick and into her mouth it went. She s----d it hungrily, while i played with her hair and shoulders…….

“lets do it raw” she said with a smile, when she was done sucking my stick,
“hmmmm is it safe?” i asked as i smiled back,
“abegi relax, is it our first time?” she asked seductively, as sat again on my laps, while my joystick slowly penetrated her hot honey pot with her guidance……..

“oouuuuu” i moaned in pleasure, while she tightly hugged me,
“relax lets just take it gently” she whispered into my ear sweetly. I obeyed and stayed calm, with my joystick buried inside her k---y…….

We just stayed in that position quietly, while my back rested on the wall, and it truly was so d--n sweet, especially when she rotated her waist at intervals…….

Offcourse i released twice inside her, and we just stayed that way, till electricity{light} was restored an hour later…..

“what a way to pass time” i whispered, as we disengaged from each other,
“hope you enjoyed it, because i did?” she asked with a smile, as she dragged me up, and into the bathroom, we went in together…..

To be continued……

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