1pm sunday afternoon, i was already in beauty’s room where i sat on her bed, and kept myself busy with her pictures, while she cooked…….

“where went your roomate?” i asked moments later, as she brought a tray of rice and stew into her room,
“she went to visit her boyfriend” she replied with a smile……

Her rice really tasted nice, which made me nod in appreciation as we ate together silently,
“i never knew you have grown into an expert cook” i said sweetly, while she blushed and looked away,
“seriously what more can a guy wish for in a woman, if not a beautiful intelligent lady who could cook delicious meals eeh” i asked as i stared at her,
“please frank let me be abeg, havn’t you tasted my food before?” she asked with a smile…….

An hour later we took a bike to ‘Crunchies fastfood’ where we bought ice cream and some other stuffs she ordered, before returning to her lodge. She hugged me happily as soon as we entered her room,
“thanks alot dear, i’m so happy, it really has been long, i last went to a fastfood joint with a friend” she said joyfully, while i smiled,
“you deserve much more dear, because i really treated you bad during our pre degree days” i said to her,
“lets forget about that dear” she replied happily……

We finally sat beside each other on her bed, as she opened the seal covering the ice cream we bought. To my extreme surprise she scooped out a spoonful and fed me with a smile before feeding herself,
“hmmm i havn’t seen you blush before oo” she said as she stared at me, while i looked away,
“hmmmm are you embarrassed or shy?” she asked with a smile, as she fed me another spoonful……..

“it’s just that i always do dream, pray and hope for the moment we will finally be together again. Play and share things like couples, and be united with love which will forever bind us together. When you fed me the icecream, i instantly felt something in my heart” i explained, while she just kept quiet and stared into my eyes,
“i really still value you alot, no matter how you may feel or think about me” i confessed and looked down, while she reached for my hand, which she tightly held.

“frank look at me” i heard her say. I obeyed and stared into her eyes,
“you know i have always loved you, but it’s just that i know humans hardly change, moreover it was your behaviour that chased me away from you, and i’m still scared, because you are very unpredictable” she equally confessed, while i drew close, parted my lips and kissed her,
” i swear i have changed” i swore to her, but she just blinked and looked down…….

I instantly drew up her face with both hands
“look into my eyes, and tell me what you see” i pleaded. She gazed at me for a while, and with a shaking lips muttered,

“i just don’t know, but i think i see sincerity” i heard her say, while i smiled with satisfaction……

D--n Beauty really gave me one hell of a job in my quest for her honeypot…….

To be continued…..
{tomorrow evening}

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