“Baby what else do you want me to do in order to prove how strong my love for you is?” I asked calmly, as i stared at her confused face. “Just open your heart a little for me please” I pleaded passionately before kissing her again.

She really didn’t respond to my kiss neither did she push me away, so I gently held her face as I continued to kiss her sweetly. My tongue was soon in her mouth where it eagerly fought to gain attention, while my right hand slowly began its magic by gently caressing her neck, left shoulder and back…….

When my kisses and romance became too much for her she broke free her lips from mine and clung unto me in a hug.

“Oh Frank” she breathed and muttered, while I tightly held her and smiled.

“Why are you always a temptation to me?” she asked with a whisper.

“My dear please don’t call the yearnings in your heart a temptation, okay!” I said to her but she just kept quiet and said nothing.

“I know you do love me, but you are only scared of making another mistake. Moreover, I know it’s equally very hard for you to accept me because I’m also like an Ex boyfriend to you, right?” I asked her, sounding very knowledgeable.

“I have nothing else to say to you”. She replied with a sigh after a brief silence while I calmly caressed her back with my palms, which kind of broke her weakened spirit the more.

“Please stop it”, I soon heard her mutter when the sweetness of my touch became too much again for her to handle but i still continued, which then made her to forcefully break free from me.

She stared into my eyes as she fought to control her feelings, the cravings in her body and her pride. I returned her stare with a smile.

“I know I promised never to take advantage of you again but I can’t help it, I’m sorry my baby” i said before grabbing her waist and kissing her profusely.  She moaned, let go of her body and fell backwards landing heavily on her bed. I, however, still continued with the kissing and fondling.

“Frank take it easy,” she pleaded as she wriggled her body.

Just that moment, my phone began to ring while I cursed silently but still continued with Beauty I was trying to conquer.

“Your phone is ringing ooo, chie answer it nah?” she said to me. I cursed again before getting off from her body reluctantly. She gasped for breath as she immediately sat up and faced me while i answered my phone call.

Of course the caller was no other person than Sandra, just like I feared.

“Baby I’m back, where are you?” she asked with her usual tone. I threw a glance at Beauty whose mind, body and soul, already was paying attention as I answered Sandra’s phone call that fateful Sunday evening……

To be continued……
Thanks a whole lot for your patience. Monday’s stress is really something else….

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