I really was clueless on what next to say, which equally sealed my lips as she continued throwing annoying words at me…….

“that’s how you will continue to jump from one girl to another till you contact one disease mtcheeeew, useless human being” she poured out angrily, while i silently undressed and entered my toilet, where i sat on the toilet seat with both hands on my jaw………

I truly entered my toilet because i couldn’t endure her outburst, and the words that came out from her mouth that evening, which equally was so painful as she lashed them on me……….

I later had a cold shower before joining her in my room with a drawn face,
“who are you keeping that face for?” she asked with a sigh, but i said nothing to her,
“seriously your behaviour will get to a stage where i will have no choice than to report you to your mother” she threatened, while i eyed her and said nothing……….

My phone rang that moment and i instantly grabbed it before she could get to it. My eyes lit up in surprise and joy when i saw that it was Beauty who was calling me, but my excitement immediately died away, when i noticed sandra’s curious eyes on me…….

“oga hope you have gotten to your lodge? Because i’m are yet to hear from you?” Beauty asked, when i bravely answered her phone call,
“yea thanks for checking up on me, i forgot to recharge my phone{credit}, that’s why i was unable to call” i explained
” okay good night, my regards to your receptionist” she muttered, before ending the phone call……..

The next thing i felt on my face was a dirty slap from Sandra, which left me extremely stunned,
“frank i can’t take this anymore, you will have to kill me tonight” i heard her shout as she snatched my phone, before moving to the other end of my room……

She then stood battle ready, and faced me with furious eyes as she waited for my reaction, but all i did was just to smile, when i finally got myself, because i needed nobody to tell me that i finally had pushed the poor girl to her limit…….

“i can’t stand this treatment any longer, you monitor my movements, and phone calls. You treat me like a secondary school girl, yet you still turn around to do those things you wouldn’t want me to do” she complained bitterly……..

“if you don’t like my behaviour, you are free to end our relationship” i challanged her,

“oh yea, now we will do things my own way” she said angrily, opened my phone brought out my sim card and broke it…….

I instantly felt a sharp pain in my heart, which made me very furious. I gnashed my teeth and advanced towards her, but before i could get to her, she brought out a kitchen knife from nowhere………

To be continued…..

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