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The Diary series season 3::
The season 3 of the award winning reality series starts with a dramatic twist as Val finally heads home as a man after graduating from campus & passing out of Nysc. Life starts all over again for the young man whose relationship with Adaora, Elinor, Tessy and the new twin girl surely is like that of a cat with many lives.

Betrayal season 5 :
In season 4 Cyndii got married to Mike much to everyones dismay but what happens after??. Hmmmm i guess you have to read for yourself.

She Died in my Room part2: The thrilling movie equally known as Nmeka the troublesome spirit is the sad story of a girl who died in her boyfriend’s room. The part 1 ended in an unbelievable manner and the part 2 comes with much more shock and suspense.

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